Jonathon Sherrard

Full Stack Web Developer & Web Consultant

London, UK

Tl;dr; Yep, I'm a coder. You've somehow had the misfortune of landing on another programmer's landing page. Read on if you want to know more about me:

Well, naturally I'm well versed in a load of acronyms and buzz-frameworks, but the important thing is that I love coding, and I'm a quick & efficient learner - so I'll be well versed in any future acronyms, frameworks, or languages.

“So, are there any reasons you're more interesting than the next Drupal, WordPress, Express, Hapi, Sinatra, Rails, Grunt, Gulp, Coffeescript, Browserify, Stylus, SASS, Jade, Twig, NPM, Composer, Bundle, Digital Ocean, AWS, S3, Cloudfront, Git, Bitbucket, Github, PostgreSQL, MYSQL, MongoDB, Vim, ZSH, TMUX, iTerm2, Ubuntu, OSX, web developer Jon?”

Well I know everything quite a lot about how to build and manage a HTML5 hybrid mobile app for cross-platform compatability and performance, just ask Stylist UK, - I wrote the HTML, CSS3, and JS for the frontend. If there's a bug or performance issue in running HTML5 apps in a native WebView, I've experienced it.

Contacting me over the internet

My email is: j at and thats dot it, with no spaces and, well y'know.